Foster Care

Play in the mud? Sure, why not ???


After the ridiculousness of this weekend, I was like YESSSSSS! I may have had more fun, had more mud, more therapy out of it than her! She started out on her own but then was attached to my hip as we braved my muddy backyard.  (Don’t judge me 🙂
I decided to have official “Girl Time” today which simply means her and I watching movies, eating popcorn, playing and whatever else we want to do. It’s our refresher from everyone and everything not in our bubble…if only for the day. My only goals : more smiles than frowns, less behaviors and my favorite statement to hear her say, “Ms. Cafrine, I’m happy.”


7 thoughts on “Play in the mud? Sure, why not ???

  1. Before I was adopted I was placed in the care of a foster family. I knew nothing about them until thirty years later I went on a quest to find them. I still managed to find them without any clues to get started. I eventually found them thirty years later. They were a terrific couple with four wonderful daughters. Our reunion was one of the most pleasant serendipitous experiences I ever had.

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