Foster Care

I am blessed


You never know what someone is dealing with in their life. Social media has helped us assume we “know something” when in reality…we don’t!! We only know what’s shared with us and that’s assuming it is the truth!
Moving on….
This beautiful lady responded to a post I’d made about my Stinky Fairy. It blessed my heart so much. She’s been able to follow my foster care journey from a distance. It’s beautiful that in her own safe place, she was able to reflect on her situation and leave my page more empowered. That is a blessing and I thank God for touching her and anyone else through my social media sites. God has no limits,  no boundaries,  NOTHING to dictate to Him how, when and where He will show up and bless us. That is the God I serve.


2 thoughts on “I am blessed

  1. Your heart knows in the silence of the nights the secrets of the days, but your heart’s knowledge is difficult to put into words. The depth of your feelings and emotions present a dilemma because they are boundless and unquantifiable. There is no scale to measure your degree of sensitivity, the intensity of your suffering and joys, or the stamina and resiliency needed to overcome impediments. Ultimately, the emotional depths of some moments in life are so overwhelming that they can only be resolved by God. (Adoption Detective, p. 189) Seek to find the words you already know in thought, and when you are in your lowest emotional states of mind, and there is no one there to help you overcome distress and discouragement and breach the rift, you will find it therapeutic to humbly direct your accepted wisdom to God.

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