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Cause & Effect

I’m seeing some new and old behaviors now that they’ve restarted these visits…like she regressed over night. All of that work… for 12 months and here we are smh. I am so sad for her…8 months of nothing with bio parent, a total of a year in care and it feels like we’re at step 1 all over again in the case. Don’t mind me but all the paper pushers, JUDGE included are not here to comfort this poor child who’s sobbing and kicking “over a towel that fell” because she can’t express what’s truly ailing her heart at 11 o’clock at night. All that work and time….smh. She was happy. Now she stays fixated on the parent…whereabouts and etc. She’s more teary, more needy, more behaviors. This is just 3-4 days after. Smh. I pray that her parent complies with the case plan and stays clean for the sake of my poor Stinky Fairy. I cry for her in these confusing times.


3 thoughts on “Cause & Effect

  1. Document everything – details. Let the GAL know. If it doesn’t settle down, ask the GAL about requesting therapeutic visitation under the eye of a mental health professional to see if this is in the best interest of the child. I thought her parent was out of the picture.

  2. It is so hard to foster. None of the professionals on the team will ever know her as you do, yet they have nearly all the major decision making abilities. Definitely document everything and email it to her professional team.

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