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Blessing and Puddin


I love this picture. I was having a personal photoshoot when I saw her little face staring at me. So, I started making faces and she mirrored back each one. So, yes..there are like 5 total goofy pics! She has such the personality. It’s amazing after 8 months, the changes I’ve seen in her and myself. It is just us two. Lord knows I will be one sad Mama Llama when she moves on. The plan is not officially severance yet as there may be family placement. I’m thinking maybe 5 more months, (this is just for my own estimate) Until then, picnics….strolls in the parks, bubbles, movie ice cream nights, popcorn and lots of love. Oh, and creating her lifebook!


5 thoughts on “Blessing and Puddin

  1. Super cute! And her mirroring your face shows how healthy your relationship is and how far this little one has come. Kids from hard places often have a hard time connecting enough to mirror others. Well done, mama!

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