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Countdown Time


Yes………countdown time. I met with Blessing’s social worker today and the plan is close to changing from reunification. Blessing will be moving with her sibling at another foster home in about 1.5 months! I am genuinely happy for her and her sibling. I have never been on board with separating siblings but I understand the reality of it all. I’ve been a first time foster mama for going on 7 months now. My stinky fairy has grown taller, got a little fuller, mostly uses the potty, she smiles often, laughs loudly, claps and dances arounds, loves to look in the mirror, loves to read her Llama Llama Red Pajama…I literally could go on. I will miss her little self and the bond that we formed in our family of two. I have accomplished many things in life…seeing her change has been the most rewarding.


SIDENOTE: I believe it was in January that I placed Tigger (my cat) in a no kill animal shelter. He was nice to Blessing but literally would urinate (mark) on her toys, jacket, spot on the couch that she normally sits….if you get my drift. Clothes have been trashed and I’m hanging on to my (brand new) leather couch to get the stench out. I suppose, I should change the name of my blog now? I do miss him but it is nice to be able to live in my house and not around my animal.


11 thoughts on “Countdown Time

  1. So is she going to a pre-adoptive home then?

    Are you planning to foster other children in the future?

    Might you ever be interested in adoption? Is being a single parent what held you back?

    Please only answer the questions you’re comfortable answering. 🙂

    1. I would be interested in adoption possibly in the future. Being a single foster mom takes work and lots of coordination! Me not having a husband to split it with does play a factor. I also am against separating siblings and most that come into care are sibling groups.

      1. Thanks for the replies!

        Were you ever asked to take both siblings?

        Btw, my husband and I are just weeks away from obtaining our foster licenses … so I am gobbling up all the info I can. 🙂

      2. I was asked to take them both after a month or so. I’m not licensed for that age or two kids. I am a nurse and my schedule is enough with one!

  2. That was my question, if you were planning on going again. It’s becoming possible that mine will go home, so I’ve been working out my plans for the future… I will 100% foster again, but do I wait six months to finish uni or have a couple of weeks break to cry then jump right back in again?

  3. I feel like we have kind of been on a parallel journey together, as we’ve been single foster moms for about the same period of time. Praying for you and Blessing in this transition time. What a wonderful investment you’ve made into her future.

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