Foster Care

When you love


To say I have mixed feelings would be an understatement. The caseworker asked me my thoughts on adoption of Blessing if the situation arised,  I told her I was leaning more towards “No”. This was after her prying me away from my very safe answers that weren’t either a yes or no. It hurt for me to say it. I understand the responsibility that comes with a child in a whole different light now. There is a difference between understanding and experiencing!! It brings a whole lot to surface especially with not being a mom prior. My heart and mind are in different books. I pray that I won’t have to make this decision.  What an experience love is… 


7 thoughts on “When you love

  1. I too am glad that I never got the chance to adopt my little R (former foster daughter). I would have and it would not have been the best decision for the other kids in my family. When my husband and I would talk at night about the possibility if presented, I was tormented with guilt. I finally had to say let go and let God. Best of luck and prayers for guidance.
    Another Trauma Momma

  2. One thing I always ask people -“Is this a child you cannot imagine living life without?” I’m not sure if it is fair question, but it always seem to help them. Be prayerful about it. You’ll make the right decision. May The Lord continue to bless you as you provide care to your blessing!

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