Foster Care

Love Letters

I can’t believe how fast time has flown by!! I have been a foster mom for 5 months now. It has been ugly, draining, overwhelming and beautiful, inspiring and edifying all at the same time. It has showed me Catherine. The idiosyncrasies in myself that I had not seen or realized. I did something I haven’t accomplished in years, I fell in love. I have truly fallen in love with my sweet stinky fairy. It is not the type of love that would prevent me from allowing her to move on to adopted home (if decided). It is a love that creates an enviroment where she can sing loudly, laugh until her tummy hurts and run around the house with her crown and princess dress- HAPPY and SAFE. She pulls on my nerves and all the strings of my heart. I spoke the name “Blessing” for the child I would receive in my home. I am grateful that God gave me grace and strength to go through those beginning storms to get to this place now. I am grateful that God says there is nothing to hard for Him, that I must decrease, so He may increase, that His strenght is made perfect in my weakness. Can I tell you guys, that I am grateful?

I am grateful that He would not allow me to give up when I was working as a nurse without sleep. I am grateful that He gave me spiritual coverage so that I was safe at work and still able to return and care for her. I am truly grateful, Lord. I am grateful that He fills my cup when I feel empty from giving. I am grateful that He revealed to me His purpose to have her under His fold. I am grateful that He blesses me for my obedience. I am grateful, Lord. Lord, this is my love letter to You.


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