Foster Care

To be Kept

So I said that I would try to blog once a week…………#ultimate fail.
I bought a new phone and forgot to upload the Word Press APP..which leads into today where I couldn’t even remember my Username!!! As I’ve gone through my reader, refreshing myself on the blogs I follow….I just feel that we MUST pray.
I mean…..WE MUST PRAY. There is so much heaviness, disappointment, depression, saddness that is upon many of us. There are so many topics that could go into this space but my mind..fingers..will not.

If you are reading this blog, I ask that you stop and examine if you truly are your brother/sisters’ keeper. I ask that you pray for those who are in need of comfort and brother and sisters that will stand in proxy and cry out to our God. We must not continue to put it off, we must pray NOW. People are hurting and walking around dead right NOW. Let us pray.


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