Foster Care

A Chosen People

It has been two months since I became a single foster mom. Where do I begin??

This journey has definitely not been roses and rainbows but Blessing has made progress! Her appetite has doubled and she is growing a little tummy. We are working on potty training now which is going day by day.

It makes my heart sing when I hear her laugh! She is more redirectable and coping better with changes. She is definitely TWO but a much more tolerable “two” now.

She doesn’t speak about demons anymore. Prayer & Fasting…thank You, Lord!  She grabs her Children’s Bible , gets in her seat and “reads Jesus”.  She has started attending prayer with me at church we grab our Bibles and ride out! We have a routine somewhat and it works for us.

There is definitely something inside that just **sparkles** when a child smiles from ear to ear upon you walking in the door. She use to tell me “I love you too” here and there which is now frequently…accompanied by a kiss on the cheek and hugs. A small part of me cringes when she looks up at me and says it because I know (and accept) our end. I look back at her and say, I love you too..knowing that I will always hold my Blessing in an untouched part of my heart. I am at peace with our journey and although she may have added 20+ gray hairs (not including issues w/CPS) …I feel privileged that God chose me.


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