Foster Care

My God

My mind/emotions are on overload. I can’t even begin to really write…numbered points will have to do.

1. I am on my 4th licensing agent in the roughly 2 months I’ve been licensed.

2. My new licensing agent is new to the agency.

3. The caseworker since 8/24/12 told me on 10/9/12 that she had turned over the case weeks ago and does not know why it has not been assigned yet.

4.  The caseworker never told me that she was not the ongoing caseworker and had submitted paperwork for the transfer despite us having communicated.

5. The conversation arose with the caseworker because the follicle testing for meth has yet to be scheduled (month or more later), the daycare has not received a hard copy verifying authorization and the information for my reimbursement was incorrect.

6. Literally, nothing shows up when my name or social is searched in the system. (??)

7. I basically have no caseworker as the prior one basically said “Not my problem”.

8. I have a licensing agent who is learning the ropes and unable to really help me.

9. I feel like I don’t have an advocate and neither does Blessing (outside of me).

10.  I’m irritated with people’s tones as if they are “doing me a favor”. It would be very difficult for me to encourage anyone to become a foster care parent right now.

11. God will get us through! Lord, I’m holding on.



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