Foster Care

My God is awesome

I decided to sit and read through my blog (start to finish). I wanted to look back on my journey to further encourage me to PRESS forward. In reading my past blogs, I selected a statement from almost each one to remind/empower/encourage me.


1. God created us all in His image- I plan to engrave this in my mind and heart for the days thatI  feel SO opposite!

2. My heart weeps when I hear about children sleeping in offices due to the lack of foster homes.

3. I have a refuge…I have a peace. I have faith that all things work  together for my good.  Am I strong enough to do this alone? I’m not, but He is..ABLE.

4. Nonetheless, the times when we feel most incapable are the most clear moments that He is.

5. this isn’t about me…this is about Him. This is about being obedient, about being in the position to bless another.

6.  I am no longer limited by my talents/abilities because it is Him working in me… Help us to not rely on our own perceived strengths/weaknesses/emotions.

7. His timing and will is perfect. I will wait on the special Blessing He desires for me and for her.

8.  “Lord, I choose to trust You because I know You will uphold my confidence”

9.  I pray that His peace falls upon my home and that His love will reign. I pray that God’s love shines as the Light is manifested in my life.

10.  My prayer is that God sees my heart and strengthens me when I feel far from victorious.

11. God has set her aside for deliverance.

12. Greater is He that is in me.


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