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Greater is He that is in me

It’s almost been 2 weeks and MY OH MY how life has changed. So, Blessing is 2 yrs old almost three. She has the most beautiful eyes and long eyelashes. She is a looker! At times, she is very affectionate (appropriately) and playful. She enjoys music and Tigger. Tigger isn’t to fond of her!  She also likes to play with her baby dolls and noisemaker toys! Blessing loves the park and to play with other children. She has made strides in regards to sleeping through the night and not seeming so unfocused/spaced out. Blessing prefers to stay up all night (midnight)..she does not like real food (malnourished). If she is not watched closely, she will open up the doors to outside. I keep double locks and my alarm on when we are home. She will not fall asleep in a bed by herself…she will scream AND scream. She has been sleeping in my bed. It took her a week before she actually slept 8 hours without waking up continuously t/o the night screaming.  (At one point, I was working on 3 hrs of sleep in the last 36 hrs.) Now that she has started to sleep through the night, I am trying to transition her into her room. I placed a child safety gate at the door to prevent any issues because it is a toddler bed. The problem is trying to put her to sleep.

Like most two-year olds, she has her fits. She is redirectable at times…other times, not so much. This week she became upset that her ice fell on the floor. It was already melting. I encouraged her to eat the rest of her ice. THIS initiated a very prolonged series of fits. She was inconsolable. I took her out the chair and placed her in the living room. She went to the tile and started  to hit her head on it (twice before I got to her). She then began to try to hit her head on the carpeted floor. I tried to console her and she relaxed over some minutes. She then randomly cries out and starts making statements completely unrelated to anything that has happened. She started to kick at me! I placed her back in the booster seat. She throws her head back and realizes that the back of the chair is there. Blessing then turns her body in the booster seat so that she is facing the back of the chair and proceeds to hit her head against the chair. This entire scenario went about four hours of her being inconsolable, content and then inconsolable.

I alerted the case worker who I had no dialogue with for over a week and she responded. She referred us to Rapid Response who came in completed an assessment of her. Blessing talks about denoms (twice randomly with the licensing agent) and when at church or if I am talking about God. (See previous post)  She is being referred for further assessments/counseling. The GAL also came by yesterday at the same time. We had our first pediatrician visit in which she received 6 immunizations (poor baby). The first court date is today so hopefully I will get more information.

Despite my licensing agent and I nagging the case worker, the authorization for daycare still has not been completed. So, we wait.

Keep us in your prayers.


5 thoughts on “Greater is He that is in me

  1. I am definitely keeping you and Blessing in prayer. Praying for peace, rest and strength, wisdom, discernment and protection. Bless you for answering the call. xx

  2. So good to hear how you are going. Glad Blessing is settling down, sounds like she’s made pretty good progress for just two weeks. Praying for patience when you’re sleep deprived, I know it’s hard!
    x N

  3. amazing kiddos so young going through so much.

    On a change of subject I noticed you are new to foster care and blogging. I am as well how do you already have over 400 readers and an award..LOL I mean you write a great blog but i think my mom is the only one that has read mine and was wondering if i am missing somthing. Here is my blog link in case your interested…. thank you k

    1. Lol thank you! I don’t have 400 followers though…extremely less than that! I would publicize to Facebook (over 400 friends). My mom doesn’t read my blog so that’s definitely awesome. Do you use tags on your blogs? I will check out your blog and follow you :-).

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