Foster Care

Disguised Blessings

This blog may be a challenge for you to digest as I am STILL digesting it. This involves my foster child who is 2 yrs old. I am going straight into it.

The first time we met with the licensing agent, Blessing says ” Stupid denom”. I was sure that I had heard wrong, so I asked her to repeat what she said..”Stupid denom”. The licensing agent and I just looked at each other. Blessing picks up her keys and then pretends to call and talk to the denom. She says that “she” and then “he” is upstairs. I am immediately thinking to myself…”Hmmph, there isn’t any denoms up in MY house!!” The licensing agent tells me to make sure that I share this conversation with her case worker.

This is the same day that Blessing is scheduled to do her first visit with her mother. SO… she goes on the visit. I take this time to head to church for some serious prayer.  This is my first time at church since she’s been with me (8/24). I had reached my end of functioning on little to no sleep..even newborns sleep at some type of interval and are somewhat consolable.  I literally got down at the altar and just cried.  As I was crying…I could hear God so clearly. “I know this feels uncomfortable, I know this is overwhelming..and it’s heavy but it had to be you. I want her in My fold so that I can show Myself strong in her.” She needed to be placed with someone that could cover her spiritually. When she returned from the visit, I held her and just began to pray. I prayed for her soul. I rebuked anything her eyes had seen, ears had heard, anything she had experienced outside of His will for her. I rebuked any demons that surround her and torment her in her sleep. I did this for about 20 minutes.

For the first time in six days, she slept throughout the night without waking up screaming.

I kept waking up throughout the night..amazed by God. She has continued to sleep throughout the night. I had praise & worship rehearsal on Saturday. The plan was never for her to come but events of the day called for it. She slept with me rehearsing and holding her (she would cry otherwise).  When she did wake up , she began talking about this “he” and “she” again. She said “She’s going to eat me…she tried to eat me.” (various versions). She then said “Look! He’s down there”  That progressed to “He’s hiding” after the Prophetess at our church began to speak into Blessing’s life. Blessing went to play the keyboard in the altar (we were still worshipping) and stopped to say, “He’s running away!!”.  She would repeat various things but would not say “Jesus”.  She has now only referred to this “he” or “she” when God is being discussed.

SN: Blessing’s eyes have this glazed over…there but not there….eyes that look unfocused. This has improved.

After we left church, she suddently became so short tempered. Everything made her upset..and for the first time (on my watch), she banged her head on the tile (twice) before I realized what was happening. I placed her on the couch where she could safely throw her fit. That made her more mad and she struggled with me to get back to the floor which I couldn’t allow. I was shocked but at the same time…realized that God had stirred up the enemy.

We are in spiritual warfare. I wake up to myself already praying. I know that the Holy Spirit never sleeps and keeps my spirit alert and in prayer mode. I am rebuking and casting down demons daily because it is necessary and it is my HOME. I look at Blessing and just speak into her life. I may never hear her testimony but I am certain in my spirit that God will shine through her so brightly. She is covered from the top of her head to the soles of her feet by the blood of Jesus and the enemy has no authority or dominion over her life. God has set her aside for deliverance.  I find comfort in knowing that this battle is won…He has the victory. God told me on Sunday..”Just trust me”. I just cried knowing that I will be obedient despite it all. I care for this little girl but I love her soul. Please keep us in your prayers.


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