Foster Care

Midnight Hour

It’s going on a week since I’ve had a good, deep sleep. This is definitely starting to take a toll on me. Last night, the focus was junk food from 10:30-12am or so. She threw fits because I would not get cookies/pizza/candy/go outside/watch tv.
I feel like a zombie at work..doing 12hr shifts! She couldn’t have had a schedule ; she loves to be up at night. I will be estatic and ready when REM sleep comes knocking at my door.

Oh..first visit is planned for tomorrow afternoon. I feel some kind of way about this little angel’s poor heart when it’s over. I continue to pray for peace and comfort for her.
         Sleep, find me! I’m right here.

Sidenote: She will literally cry for anything and nothing (I am learning).


5 thoughts on “Midnight Hour

  1. Thank you! I’m certain that God is filling my cup daily! Otherwise, I may have been passed out somewhere lol. My shifts are long and she’s been with my dad while I’ve worked . So..she’s been getting 3 hrs of extra sleep (8-11ish) in the morning. Then she’ll fall asleep around 8pm. Last night, she was up from 9-1am!!! I don’t know how she has the energy to do this every night! I don’t !!!

  2. Puddin I havent read your blog in a while but I am so happy to see that God has blessed you with “Blessing.” I can tell in your spirit that you will not only survive but thrive and you are making a great impact on children’s lives. Thank you for being obedient. I pray I have the strength and resources too do it one day. Take care!

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