Licensing Process

Not ours but His Strength

Update: I have been licensed for a week now! I have received a total of 4 calls….. 2 yr old girl, (age) girl,  4 yr old Native American girl and a 2 yr  old boy! Obviously, no confirmation calls on these little ones. I had to deal with CPS this week at work and took the opportunity to ask a few questions. Apparently, CPS “…can not confirm or deny that statement” of whether children are sleeping in the offices. The CPS workers were surprised that I hadn’t yet received a placement. They then started to encourage me to do therapeutic care and/or teenagers. You guys know how I feel about the teenager situation. YES, I definitely could do therapeutic cases/special needs/medically fragile …etc. I am a nurse and I love my career…I just am not ready for that extra layer in taking on this new role.  My licensing agent has called also and is surprised that I still haven’t had a placement.

How do I feel about it?   I’m good.


I am ready (as I can be) for that time when it comes. I’m keeping my reference sheet of questions close by for when they do call.  I am keeping the little and big children in my prayers that even amongst the confusion..His love & strength will shine in individuals like me and you…that the Comforter will continue to embrace and protect them.

“For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose  hearts are fully committed to him…” 2 Chron 16:9


2 thoughts on “Not ours but His Strength

  1. Make sure that when they say therapeutic care they mean medically fragile. In Missouri, therapeutic foster care often means care for children with severe emotional and/or behavioral issues. The Lord has someone in mind for you!

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