Licensing Process


Quick update!  There are no changes! I went on the list Wednesday around noon. Although, I keep hearing about all these children sleeping in CPS offices…I have not been called once yet! It does make me wonder about the process. However, I also know that my age range is fairly tight and “popular”. I also am not taking sibling groups…just one child. I can’t imagine caring for more then that. I am wondering but patient. Proud of all you foster moms and parents out there. Be blessed!!


7 thoughts on “Blessing

  1. LOL….Nope, not at all. I’m relaxing in the peace of things 🙂 OH! I’m also fighting with the car seat and child safety gate. (Not my strong points)

      1. Thanks! What are the less popular age ranges where you live?

        (I am a future foster parent, btw — I plan to get started with licensing this fall!)

      2. Definitely teenagers! I would also say maybe 10 and over…so school age? They need homes too! I just don’t feel I’m at a place w/my work schedule to help them as needed. Congrats on starting the process!

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