Licensing Process

To You I belong

My temporary licensing agent called me today! She said they are hiring someone new to cover my last worker. SO, I told them I rather be under my parent’s licensing agent than with a new one. She is going to talk to her supervisor about it and let me know. Moving along!    Due to my long work hours, I am going on “The List” Wednesday evening. So, we shall see. I will be creating a list of questions/need to knows / (or at least ask) for when they do call. Children are still sleeping on the floor in CPS offices here. That makes my heart so so sad. Keep me in your prayers!


4 thoughts on “To You I belong

  1. On the edge of my seat! I’ve been turning myself inside out on the ‘yes or no’ issue, trying to come to some kind of peace with how I decide who is in and who is out. I should blog about it soon. Anyway, I’ll be praying for you!

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