Licensing Process


Ladies and gents……I AM APPROVED! My (temp) agent originally told me we’d have a conversation re: when I would actually go on the list. She is parents’ (and now my) licensing agent is on vacation. So, the supervisor is handling both caseloads possibly. I have 3 days off work now which would actually be the perfect time! However, that “List Conversation” was never had…so I may not get any calls this weekend. Basically, I’m either working Tu,Wed, Fri or Tu, We, Satur. If you look at the total amount of hours (en route & at work) I’m gone from 6am-8 pm. I will not take a child in if I have to work the next day. It doesn’t sit well with my heart.  Everything will work out according His plan.

I pray that His peace falls upon my home and that His love will reign. I pray that God’s love shines as the Light is manifested in my life. Father, I choose to be obedient and do even greater works. Arise and Shine !


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