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“One Lovely Blog Award”

WOW!! Well, I am brand new to blogging. I have fallen in love with it! I love being able to share my new journey and all the emotions that come with it. I love being able to express my love, faith and obedience to our Father. This blog allows me to connect with women who share my same love and calling. I am very appreciative for this nomination from Barrentoblessed at . I am a nurse on a women’s health floor and have cared for many women following a hysterectomy for various reasons. Her blog is raw and in a story that seems to have all dead ends, God shows Himself strong and creates a path filled with His joy. Her blog challenged me as a nurse and I thank her for her insight! Check her blog out!

This award requires me to share seven things about myself!

1. I want to name my daughter, Noa and my son, Josiah.

2. I love to do karaoke alone in the home…using my remote as a microphone!

3. I love the beach…it’s not a vacation w/o one

4. Sometimes I wonder if it’s in God’s plan for me to not marry

5. I sing praise & worship at my church and teach Sunday school.

6. I haven’t been in a long term relationship for years.

7. My favorite color is teal.




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