Licensing Process

Promise Land

My Word Press family!!!!!!!!!! SO….home inspection was completed this morning. I have to fix 3 things and then my house will officially be “safe”! They are very small things so I’m happy about it. The inspector was very friendly and thorough w/explanations (which I liked). I am scheduled to have my home study on Monday morning!! It won’t be long before a little person comes through my door. I feel a mixture of scared/anxious/excited! I can’t believe that what seemed so far out..has now come face to face with me. I am nervous about the home study because it seems the questions are pretty invasive (or am I wrong?).  I’ve come way to far to chicken out now lol.

This journey into becoming a “single foster mom” has been enlightening..empowering..and humbling for me. God is “shifting the atmosphere” in my entire life.  He is revealing Himself and His perfect will FOR me TO me.  I feel like I’ve been placed on the edge of a diving board with only His living water present and nothing behind me. He is positioning me to be blessed and to be a blessing.  He is positioning me for FAVOR. He is pouring out “MY” talents/abilities/those things I am comfortable with. When all of that is stripped, I lay before Him..completely dependent. When all of that is stripped, I am no longer limited by my talents/abilities because it is Him working in me. How beautiful is that? I thank You, Lord. I praise Your holy name. Help us to not rely on our own perceived strengths/weaknesses/emotions without coming to You first. We have a promise land waiting for us if we will choose to be obedient.


5 thoughts on “Promise Land

  1. I was so happy to scroll down my reader and see this! Congrats Puddin! You will make an awesome foster mom because of your commitment to and love of God. Any child will be blessed to have you!

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