Licensing Process

At the Red Sea

*SIGH* It feels good to come to my special place and just release.  Life got so busy and then I’ve been sick but I am blessed!

Can you believe that I FINALLY  got all my paperwork in?! I don’t know why but creating an Emergency Evacuation Plan for the house was so challenging for me. It was like my mind couldn’t figure it out.  I still have two references that need to fill out/send the paperwork back to the office.  I also still need my home inspection and home study to be completed. At this rate, I’m figuring that I will have my first placement around late July. I am *not* complaining ~ how could I when I’ve been turtle speed with my paperwork?

I posted a picture of my little toddler bed. It is toooo cute 🙂 The room looks somewhat bland to me..but as my fellow blogger, OpenArmsOpenHeart, shared….we are trying to keep the room gender neutral. I definitely would prefer a girl but I’m liable to get weak and accept a boy instead. SO….I am trying to play it safe. I do need some toys however…which I plan on having my six siblings share some of there toys. They are so excited that a child is coming. As one of my sister says..” Puddin, you won’t be alone anymore!” Sweet, right?  She also said…”Umm..Puddin. (PAUSE) But you don’t have a husband”. In the most innocent manner, she said what SO many people are thinking lol.

If this decision was about me, I wouldn’t do it until I was married and had at least one child. However, this isn’t about me…this is about Him. This is about being obedient, about being in the position to bless another. I literally can not sit in a 4 bedroom house any longer and simply “feel bad”.  There are children sleeping in an office overnight because there aren’t enough foster homes. I’ve “FELT” for long enough…now it is time to ACT. I have to encourage myself and not allow life and the views of others to sway me off this path. I was asked if I was doing foster care as a business! My jaw dropped! I’m not naive but I had never thought someone could consider MY intentions as being rooted in money. Then I started to question why I desired the child to be Black. I always believed that black children could get lost easier in the system but I’ve witnessed many mixed families since then! Children that appear very loved and comfortable with their foster/adopted parents. When I dig deeper, I realize a black child would be more comfortable/natural/discreet compared to me fostering a child from another race.  Basically, we could go about completely undetected! My immediate family is so huge and diverse…we’re used to the awkward stares/double takes and sometimes even questions. However, when I think of myself alone in the same situation…I feel slightly uneasy.  I’m at a place now that since I examined myself, I can say that this is no longer a subconsicous issue. Foster care shouldn’t be “hush hush” in the regards to the community not specific details in a case.  Let it be blatant and maybe stir someone else to act.  It is a small discomfort compared to what these children are facing and I’ve got His armor on!

P.S. I enjoy your blogs ladies! I may not comment on each one but I do read them and thank God for the insight/transparency/encouragment!

UPDATE***** Right as I pressed “publish” ..DES Licensing contacted me to schedule the home inspection!! July 5 @ 8:30. I’m nervous already lol.


8 thoughts on “At the Red Sea

  1. Hooray for home inspection! It’s tough, isn’t it, trying to work out when a decision is in the best interest of our future kids and when it is our own fears, judgements or selfishness guiding us. Thanks for the shout out. I love the toddler bed, super cute!!

    1. It definitely is tough but sometimes necessary! I’m happy to have dealt with it now than when the child is here 🙂 I love the toddler bed tooooooooooooooooooo. It’s so itty bitty lol.

  2. I’m getting excited for you! Let me know when you get a placement. I have plenty of toys, clothes, and other things to share, and I’m pretty sure you are not too far from me!

      1. I’m not sure if you saw my most recent post but the inspection went well! I have my home study on Monday!! So, I think I’m basically fair game after that!

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