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I was lost but now I’m found!

S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D!  I’ve definitely needed a few moments this past week to just ~refresh~  (see title).

I work as a couplet care nurse and see (fairly often) young girls with multiple children. They seem SO CALM. I am not tooting my own horn…but I have a stable career, house and vehicle. I would think that I’d have some reassurance. Nope! I understand the responsibility that I’m about to take on is not light at all. Nonetheless, the times when we feel most incapable are the most clear moments that He Is. If Catherine believes she is able to “figure it all out” on her own, she may quickly find herself in X,Y,Z. I much rather skip the shortcut that leads to a scary wilderness and danger and if you make it out actually took more time than if you would have stayed on the path and follow His signs.

My “baby room” is coming along, ladies!! I just purchased my toddler bed and mattress today. I tell you…if I didn’t have any sense- I would have bought the entire kid’s section at Target. They were all things that I NEEDED. My child preference is an African American female between 2-4 years old (no sibling groups) However, I realize that since I only want a single child…I may have to adjust. So, I am open to all races/male/female. I don’t want to separate sibling groups because that breaks my heart. I don’t feel I am ready to tackle a team of children just yet. I am also really trying to avoid school age right now with my schedule.

I also did a vehicle upgrade! I loved my sporty 2001 Celica but I’ve outgrown her and the constant nagging of other drivers trying to race me/provoke me to race them. Hmmm. I choose life and I can’t imagine me in that situation with a little one in the car.  So, I purchased a SUV crossover (Nissan Rogue) …big enough to seat 5 and some cargo. I’m feeling and knowing I’m blessed!

P.S. I’m still lagging behind on the paperwork but prayerfully, Thursday – I will get it all done. I need some prayer ladies! I love reading your posts and your transparency. God Bless You.

(see pic) *The twins said…”Puddin, we saw you win!!!!” – Love it 🙂 *



2 thoughts on “I was lost but now I’m found!

  1. One step at a time! It’s all in His timing anway. Remember you don’t need to have everything just “right” for when kids are placed in your home. Don’t stress and enjoy your quiet times right now!

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