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I’m not but He is…ABLE

I would be completely fibbing if I said that I was not a bit nervous now. As Amber would say, (see comments) I sound like I’m 8-9 months preggers..ready to pop LOL. These next few days will be “summer cleaning gone wild”.  I never realized how much medication/harmful/toxic items I had in my home until I had to lock them all up!  Last week when I went upstairs, my mind played a full-out scenario of The Blessing falling down them. I immediately added : SAFETY GATE to my “Get on it list”.  These weeks have flown by and I think rather than realizing I was nervous…I just subconsciously  delayed cleaning/organizing/ turning in paperwork.  Well,  reality has hit with Tuesday being my last class. The rubber is about to hit the road ( as my Pastor says)!

I’ve been getting the normal feedback/ FAQs re: my decision to do foster care.

  1. 1. People are usually surprised that I’m doing this alone. – It was not so much that I decided to do foster care alone. I  chose to toss my plans and thoughts on how it “should be” and how I may be perceived by others. This decision originates from my relationship with God. I felt an urgency that I chose to not ignore.  I believe He has a calling/purpose for all of our lives when we submit and decrease so that He may increase in us.  He made it so plain to my spirit so I will walk in it with the Father.
  2. People think I don’t want my own or can’t have children. – This decision did not arise from a desire to fulfil a ticking clock! Yes, I do want children and am able to have children (far as I know). These children in foster care need good people NOW…not in the near/far future or land of eventually when my soon to be comes on the scene. If a man doesn’t want to date me because I do foster care ~ he would never understand my heart anyway.
  3. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll get to attached? – We’re human! I don’t know how well of a foster mom I could be without some type of attachment. It must be healthy and with the understanding that reunification is the goal! If my  intentions were mostly to adopt, I feel that I’d be setting myself up for heartbreak by doing foster care. I believe my experience as a nurse may help me deal with balancing my emotions. However, this is my thought process without having experienced it fully yet. If the relationship between the child and I felt shared and the case plan changed, I would consider adoption.

I do remember how anxious my family felt during the adoption process of my two sisters. We didn’t have to deal with any opposition for the other four.  We were a black family adopting two precious white sisters..Jade was only 3 months at placement and her sister, Seanna was 2 yrs old.  I was so sad at the understanding that they could be out of my life forever with a phone call.  A relative or two had appealed which prolonged the process but I suppose they did not complete their classes or etc. I wrote all this to say, YES…it will be difficult to be in the foster-adopt planning and then a relative appears and the child is sent on her merry way with family. You know what the awesome assurance is in all of this? I have a refuge…I have a peace. I have faith that all things work  together for my good.  Am I strong enough to do this alone? I’m not, but He is..ABLE.


4 thoughts on “I’m not but He is…ABLE

  1. This is awesome! God bless you sister! I was just watching a movie yesterday on transracial and transnational adoption. It really touched me and I hope that when I get to a more stable place in my life I am offer that some gift to a child. But I would worry about the attachment. Im missin my ex-manfriend’s son and I was only in his life for a couple of months and not even on a daily basis. But Im a wuss. Wish you all the best and cant wait to read more! 🙂

    1. Thank you! God bless you too! I cry during the Lion King so I’m right there with you lol. I know that God led me here and He will be my strength during those times. So, I’m working to find peace in that assurance. You will definitely here of it as time goes on 🙂

  2. So true! I’ve been really blessed that when I told my church family that I was planning on becoming a foster parent they all thought it was an excellent idea and that I would be great at it. I’m not great, but God is, so I’m sure we will both be able to provide loving and stable homes.

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