Licensing Process

The Genesis

My name is Catherine but close friends and family call me Puddin. I live in an empty four bedroom home with a mischievous cat named Tigger. I am certain he has attachment/territorial issues if only for the fact that he moved my brother’s wayward socks from the carpet to the front of his litter box. (You know what he did…). The “Blessing” is the child who will find a temporary home with me once I am officially a single foster mom. God created us all in His image- I plan to engrave this in my mind and heart for the days thatI  feel SO opposite!  I created this blog to share my tale  and to perhaps inspire other single individuals.

I will start off by saying… I have a huge heart! I was raised in a loving two parent home with my “original” siblings. As a young adult, I desired to become a nurse so that I could use my knowledge and my genuine care/love for people at at time where they feel so vulnerable.  I never knew how huge my parents’ hearts were until we became a foster care home.  Over about two years, my parents did foster-adoption of four children from two different families  (a set of twins and two sisters).  A few years later, my parents were asked to adopt the siblings of the twins  (who my parents weren’t allowed to see unless they agreed to adoption).  Can you imagine? You would think that pandora’s box had been opened but we are so blessed. I now have six more siblings- three boys and three girls that are so beautiful. I can’t imagine them as unwanted, unworthy or unable to be loved.  This decision to do foster care has been an easy one for me. It doesn’t fit my timeline but I threw away that malicious sheet of check boxes! The training classes are called PS-MAPPs and are three hours once a week for 11 weeks. Today is week 10 for me so I’m right on the edge of being done! The remaining requirements: I have to complete a home study, home inspection, 14 hr common sense parenting course and a 2 hr support group.  Yes, strangers coming to and through my house…interviewing me about my childhood, thoughts on how my life will change and many more topics! Although this is overwhelming and pretty invasive, this has not been the hardest part for me. I will tell you all about it tomorrow! My journey to decide  “What age group?? How many??”

I’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old. It’s been 6 years now! We have a love/not that much love relationship LOL.

13 thoughts on “The Genesis

  1. Hello! Looks like you are getting one step closer to becoming a foster parent. As a former foster parent, a few things I believe are crucial for you to do: 1) go to meetings, etc, 2) meet & interact w/ birth parents, and 3) PRAY. Of course, this is just my opinion! Welcome to the world of blogging and foster parenting! Blessings!

  2. I’m so proud of you Puddin!! I’ve known you since birth and you have definiely grown into a mature young lady with a great head on your shoulders. You are doing something remarkable and the child or children that are placed with you will definitely receive the love that they deserve.

  3. Amen to that! I am with you in prayer!! Thank you for the welcome 🙂
    “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” 1 THS 5:16

  4. Yeah for you on joining the ranks of foster/resource family. I love what I do. It is a job, a job I cannot imagine myself not doing. I just moved last weekend into a bigger house so I can bring in more children. I do not like saying no especially when I think of a child not having a family. I may not be perfect but with God all things are possible. Even those days when I’m not really feeling his whole thing called single parenting I can say a prayer and muster strength and do the right thing.

    God bless you!

  5. He is our strength – I have a few scriptures that will definitely be my back bone. Thank you for commenting and God Bless you too! I enjoyed reading your latest post!

  6. Love it Catherine! Can’t wait to read more. Any child welcomed into your home will surely be a blessing for the both of you. Good luck! 🙂

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