1 Day to 30 !


February 2015
I am flying out today to meet my sister in Thailand! We’re taking a couple of weeks to celebrate my 30th birthday! Although, I’m not claiming to be 30 until the 9th in America haha.

Elephant rides, waterfalls, amazing sights and time with my sister after 7 months away….. no better way.

Thank you for following my “30 Days to 30″ series♡

Catherine OUT ♡☆♡☆♡☆

2 Days to 30



December 2014
All my life I’ve taken pictures with the real Santa Claus up until this past year.
However, to be 29 years old, I was genuinely grinning like a 7 year old to take my first picture with the pretend Santa. Who would have thought he’d be in China of all places?

3 Days to 30


November 2013
I decided to trade in the family SUV I had purchased. I replaced it with my love which I call, Blade. She’s a 2013 Ford Mustang with black leather interior *drools*.
She is as fun as she looks. I wore my black boots, Batman shirt and leather jacket when I went to look at her and then drived her off the lot.
**Cheers to understanding the significance and having beautiful credit at a young age. **

4 Days to 30


Let’s see……. circa 2015, in about 6 months time,  I got my nose pierced 3 times! I had wanted a nose piercing for maybe a decade. I was always too afraid. One day, I decided to finally do it and I fell in love with how it accented me. My third try was going to be the last. Thankfully,  we’re going  more than 8 months strong.

5 Days to 30

wpid-img_20140922_224242.jpgOctober 2014

Oh China…..

A colleague and I joined a gym together. I was excited to see they had a pole dancing class so we made plans to attend. Little did I know…..I was met with a gasp by the instructor who then left the door to the class open. As we started to learn the routine, a group of men and women gathered at the door with their phones aimed at the Chocolate Chip. YEP…. who knows how many photos and little video snippets were taken of me on that night. One of my students stopped working out when she learned I was there and that’s how I got the above pictures.

I was annoyed and embarrassed by the whole situation. I wanted to just leave but then I realized that this was my experience! I decided to press forward and let it be water under a bridge. So, here it is!

6 Days to 30

wpid-screenshot_2014-11-11-08-42-25-1.pngAugust 2012

This is a given for my current followers. However, for new followers or people passing by…. this is a picture of my Sasha. I was her foster mother for 18 months and helped with selecting her now forever home. My blog is full of lovely words and tears for her. We changed each others’ lives. She is my Christmas morning.

I love you, Stinky FaFa.